Predicting the Future: Commentary on World Control Based on Metacybernetics

Future of Global Geopolitics: Insights from Metacybernetics. Banyś and Hagmajer analyze Kossecki's methods, predicting China's rise and BRICS-NATO rivalry. Despite controversy, Cybernetics' foresight remains invaluable, urging viewers to understand its implications.

7 April 2024

Will Polish farmers be sent to the Ukrainian front after the protests end?

If you want to know what Grzegorz Braun - a Polish MP recently known as the 'firefighter of Hanukkah candles' in the Polish parliament - is talking about, be sure to watch this video.

31 March 2024

EU Insights: Analysis of Directives, Controversies, and Visions in Marcin Roli's Show with Agnieszka Wolska

Missed it? Watch now the latest episode of the Marcin Roli show, where controversial topics such as the death penalty for Bill Gates and the latest agricultural directives from the European Union are discussed, as well as Ulrike Hermann's vision of the future of Europe! Click here to see the full episode!

24 March 2024

Ukrainian Nationalism: What You Don't Know About Banderysm?

Thanks to Professor Adam Wielomski's lecture, you will delve into the topic of Ukrainian nationalism, which has been a mystery to you so far!

17 March 2024

The correspondent from Germany, Agnieszka Wolska, reports the latest shocking news!

Conversation between Agnieszka Wolska and Piotr Szlachtowicz delves into the topic and analyzes whether the EU is prepared for a potential conflict, as well as the consequences for member states. However, not only the issue of relations with Russia is discussed. During the conversation, questions about the migration of Jews from Western Europe to Poland due to persecution and the acknowledgment of mistakes by German politicians during the last pandemic are raised. Discover more fascinating topics by reading our conversation!

11 March 2024

Is European Intervention in Ukraine a Recipe for Disaster? Insights from the Polish American Strategic Initiative

Could European involvement in the Ukrainian conflict lead to catastrophic outcomes? Explore this pressing question and gain valuable insights from the Polish American Strategic Initiative

10 March 2024

Final Stretch Before the Referendum on March 8, 2024

Learn how street volunteers in Ireland are trying to convince passersby to vote No in the upcoming referendum. Will their efforts be effective? Will the votes of ordinary citizens change the referendum's outcome?

6 March 2024

Rebuilding Social Elites for a Better Poland

In the thinking of Polish activists, a new strategy is emerging more and more clearly, which could be called "long-distance running." This approach assumes that prolonged engagement and building alternative solutions are key to real change. It's worth considering whether such an approach can bring positive results and what lessons can be learned from past experiences.

5 March 2024

Insightful Report: Marcin Rola and Agnieszka Wolska Discuss Current Political Events in Germany on wRealu24

Join us for an analysis of the latest political events in Germany with Marcin Rola and Agnieszka Wolska on wRealu24. While the program is conducted in Polish, English subtitles are provided. Explore topics such as NATO's Center for Analysis of Military Experiences, agricultural protests, and German politicians' responses to government criticism. Gain a better understanding of Germany's political climate and compare it to your own country's situation.

26 February 2024

Vote No: Social Mobilization in the Face of an Important Referendum

Important Referendum in Ireland Approaching: When Society Takes to the Streets to Make Its Voice Heard

13 February 2024