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Will Polish farmers be sent to the Ukrainian front after the protests end?

I warmly invite you to watch an intriguing video material where the guest of Piotr Szlachtowicz on P.S. TV is the exceptionally charismatic and dynamic MP, Grzegorz Braun - a multitasking director, screenwriter, and devoted member of the Polish Sejm. His activities, full of commitment in right-wing circles, serve as a true source of inspiration for many. Internationally recognized, Braun gained fame for unconventional actions like using a fire extinguisher to put out Chanukah candles in the Polish parliament, an event that sparked widespread discussion.

Often portrayed as an ultra-nationalist in mainstream media, Braun has stirred considerable debate. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he showed a different side when he was excluded from Sejm sessions for not wearing a mask and for his critical remarks about the imposed restrictions. His parliamentary allowance was also revoked multiple times, yet this did not deter him; on the contrary, he carried out several spectacular parliamentary interventions, staunchly defending the rights of those opposed to the restrictions.

His stance during the pandemic was perceived as one of the bravest in Europe, confronting global challenges of those times. Always true to his convictions, Braun is a fervent defender of Polish traditions and sovereignty, expressing opposition to foreign intervention in Poland's politics and questioning the relocation of Ukrainian refugees.

In Piotr Szlachtowicz's program, Braun passionately shares his views on the war in Ukraine and the Green Deal, sparing no harsh comments. He also addresses the mass protests of farmers who are concerned about the influx of grains and food products from Ukraine flooding the Polish market, fearing for the future of domestic agriculture.

Join us to delve into more fascinating opinions and reflections of MP Grzegorz Braun, who continuously encourages reflection and discussion on current events in Poland and worldwide.

source: https://banbye.com/watch/v_lIf4y8agXzti
Grzegorz Braun: https://www.grzegorzbraun.pl/
Piotr Szlachtowicz: https://banbye.com/channel/ch_KV9EVObkB9wB