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Nationalist Protest in Dublin Highlights Tensions Over Illegal Immigration

On Monday (03 June 2024), during a public holiday, a nationalist protest took place. Determined Irish citizens participated, opposing the government's policy on illegal immigration promoted by the authorities.

The gathering took place at the Garden of Remembrance, a symbol of Ireland's freedom, commemorating those who fought for the country's independence. Following this, a march through Dublin's city center occurred, with a large group of people participating. During the march, slogans for freedom and against illegal immigration were chanted. There were also some remarks from bystanders, to which the protesters did not remain indifferent.

Upon reaching the Immigration Protection Office building, speeches were delivered, which did not mark the end of the protest, as the demonstrators began their return march to the center. In summary, the protest was very dynamic and emotional, but I did not notice any aggression. At the end of the speeches, the arrival of public defense forces, quite without reason, caused some participants to express their emotions and harsher words towards the officers. In recent days, the Garda has arrested several protest participants in other parts of the city.

The protest lasted about 3 hours.