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Nationalist Protest in Dublin. Are People Fed Up?

On Monday afternoon, May 6, 2024, a large pre-election protest took place in Dublin, involving opposition parties and independent candidates. The march, attended by a huge number of people, started at 2:30 PM at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square. Participants, waving Irish flags, marched through the city. During the march, a smaller counter-protest also occurred near the Spire on O'Connell Street, where a group of people waved Palestinian flags. Passersby were keen to pick up flyers promoting the candidates for the upcoming elections scheduled for June 7, 2024. After reaching Custom House, speeches were given by members of the Natural Women Council, Irish Freedom, National Party, Ireland First, Irish People, and other independent candidates for local and European elections. Community groups such as 'Coolock says No' were also visible at the protest. Despite minor issues with the microphone, the entire protest was very professionally organized and proceeded without any incidents. Participants vocally expressed their support, chanting patriotic slogans. The speeches primarily focused on issues with the implementation of new ideologies in schools and the problem of mass immigration, which strains the state budget due to the government's generosity towards 'refugees.' Nationalist protests are unique because they gather people who feel constrained by the stringent laws in Ireland, which harshly penalize freedom of speech, sometimes even resulting in job loss or imprisonment. Additionally, participants criticized the government for its generosity towards refugees, which they believe excessively burdens the state finances. Recently, right-wing parties have significantly strengthened their positions, and their candidates have a real chance of receiving a mandate of trust from the public.

Below I present the entire live video broadcast and a few speeches. You can find the full list on Rumble at the link: https://rumble.com/user/actioncovid1984

I also invite you to visit our website, where, using an interactive map, you can find candidates in your region for both local and European elections. Information about each candidate is available through links attached to their profiles. The list is regularly updated, so I encourage you to periodically check the map to find the right candidate for yourself. https://maps.actioncovid1984.org/