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Women in black hooded cloaks outside the Dail, celebrating a proposed bill that will see 9 month abortions available in...

Women in black hooded cloaks outside the Dail, celebrating a proposed bill that will see 9 month abortions available in Ireland. Live streamed by @paulmurphy_TD.

Some with their breasts bared, black tape covering their nipples in the shape of a cross. Nothing is done in the dark anymore.

Evil is a word thrown about often, but are these people evil? They are actually something far more deadly. Most people at this rally were probably normal once. Decent humans beings. Not manifestly evil. But now evil manifests within them. A finite number of people are truly wicked beyond redemption. But those who are become limiteless in their power if they can corrupt an endless number of average humans through an evil ideology. This is what we witnessing at an alarming rate.

Cultures indulging in celebrating and partaking in human sacrifice have been seen throughout history, in various guises. Mass death cults are not new but they are a sign of a civilisation on the brink of ruin.

This is where we are heading, if we are not already there.

#Abortion to term is always what we wanted, one speaker conveys, and it's what we will continue to fight for. The crowd happily cheers and claps. This is for women's health and wellbeing she says. Apparently killing your own full term baby is good for you, free of all moral and emotional consequence.

Did @pb4p and @bridsmithTD tell people on the doors that 9 month abortions was what they would seek to introduce? Did @sinnfeinireland and @MaryLouMcDonald tell their voters that they supported the introduction of 9 month abortions in Northern Ireland?

Shocking as all this is, abortion does not stop at birth for many people. Infanticide is available in the Netherlands and it will make its way here. There are notable doctors, "bioethicists" and transhumanists arguing for "post birth abortion" in eminent medical journals. They don't like to call it murder or infanticide. Because according to them the infant has no awareness of its killing, therefore it is "not harmed by its death". People who argue for this are evil and have reach.

Mass immigration and other issues have rightly captured our attention. But we must be aware of what else is being pushed while we are distracted, not least the above or the @WHO and @UN pushing the notion that children are "sexual beings from birth".

Due to the lack of space and the importance of issues related to infanticide, a more detailed piece or video will be avilable soon on this subject.

Suzie D.

26 May 2023

The best comedian in the world (my opinion) is in Ireland right NOW!If you've got a sense of humour and love a good laug...

The best comedian in the world (my opinion) is in Ireland right NOW!

If you've got a sense of humour and love a good laugh, you'll absolutely love this. If you're a member of People Before Profit however, you won't.

June 2 - Lucan
June 3 - Cork
June 6 - Belfast
June 7 - Kilkenny
June 9 - Dalkey
June 10 - GALWAY
June 11 - Carlow
More details at -

26 May 2023

25 May 2023

THE DARKEST EVIL WEARS A WHITE COAT@JoeBrolly1993 is at it again, this time using his faux outrage to hop on the #Trans...


@JoeBrolly1993 is at it again, this time using his faux outrage to hop on the #Trans juggernaut, rolling out Godwin's Law in the process. He tweeted that going against the transgender movement is Nazi like behaviour. Then when a lady disagrees with him, he insists she "masturbates alone in her basement".

It was Joe who decided to bring up the Nazis, however we may as well chime in on that with an actual cogent argument. Those under 18 being medically experimented upon via hormones and mutilating surgeries has unsettling parallels with the Nazi's penchant for experimenting on minors.

"Mengele's children", as they were known, were often sterilised. Their natural physicality was rejected in a quest to change their appearance. Some had dye injected in their eyes to change the hue, for example.

It seems perhaps extreme to make the comparison, but far less so when you explore the history of Eugenics and then look at the cold, hard reality that 97.5 % of children who are "helped" to transition are Autistic, and almost all are gay.

The Nazi's were not a fan of homosexuality, nor were they a fan of children who had any form of intellectual disability. Operation Aktion T4 targeted the latter, with doctors still carrying out the killings long after orders to cease had been communicated.

The moral? The darkest evil can wear a white coat. Such a high number of doctors complied with enthusiasm, that it is reasonable to assume many were "normal" people, going along with something they were convinced was in the best interests of the children (it was argued it was kinder for these children to be euthanised).

We have many "kind" doctors "helping" children once more, in this new era of gender ideology. Before being forced to close due to its disturbing methodology and practices, the #Tavistock ignored all underlying developmental conditions afflicting children, despite knowing that almost all children who were referred there had one or more such conditions.

They instead jumped to sterilising puberty blockers and irreversible surgical procedures under the guise of "gender affirming care" (a therapist should never affirm anything).

The last thing on the agenda was to help children accept themselves as they were. Or, to wait and see if these children would, in time, surpass the confusing phase of adolescence, emerging with a new acceptance of their body. Puberty can bring feelings of disgust about one's self, which most often pass.

Prior to its closure, Dr Paul Moran, an Irish psychiatrist working with the National Gender Service, was shocked to learn the @HSElive continued to send children to the clinic after his report raised serious concerns. He stated "We've been seeing the children, who the Tavistock have recommended starting on hormones, be very unwell and not ready to start hormones. These children are still quite young, and it's too early for them to realise that they will never be able to have families and the health problems that can be linked with these treatments". He noted 2 children under 5 and over 30 children under 10 had been referred from Ireland as well as hundreds more under 18.

He says "no evidence of safety or benefit" has been found to result from medically transitioning children. The HSE continues to refer children to clinics in Belgium and is currently setting up a "gender affirming" clinic within Ireland. Meanwhile countries like #Finland and #Sweden have reversed their policy of medically transitioning children.

@rodericogorman, @NormaFoleyTD1 @DonnellyStephen, @dcediy, @Education_Ire, @roinnslainte and anyone else pushing this agenda have a lot to answer for.

24 May 2023

23 May 2023

Please share...

Please share...

23 May 2023

OPINION PIECE: Remember Guhad Osman Janaa,he was sleeping on the floor in City West when he made the observation that if...

OPINION PIECE: Remember Guhad Osman Janaa,he was sleeping on the floor in City West when he made the observation that if you were Ukrainian you got to sleep in a bed,if you were black ( his words) you slept on the floor. A reasonable and accurate comment based on this man’s first hand experiences. Mohammed from Afghanistan was interviewed by a daily paper recently and his observations were that two hundred asylum seekers were sleeping on the floor. His exact words were ‘we are all brown and black people from places like Syria and Afghanistan’. Meanwhile around the international protection offices five hundred asylum seekers are sleeping rough in squalid and unsanitary conditions. Not a single rough sleeper is white. This is the ugly face of racism as practiced by the Minister of Integration, Roderic O Gorman. The Department of Integration operates a two speed system based on race,Ukrainians are issued with immediate PPS numbers giving them immediate access to the full range of benefits that are available to Irish people as well as health and education. International protection application get €38.80 a week per adult and €29.80 per child. Ukrainians will be fast tracked into modular homes while asylum seekers are bussed into overcrowded accommodation often without access to convenient services. However they have been offered by the Department of Integration in eight languages ‘ own door accommodation’ if they wait around for long enough. Also all past history of criminality and of violence towards women and children will be conveniently forgotten and they seem to know that all too well. They know that they are above the law as no Garda wants his career ended by being labelled as a racist. Nobody can be happy with this system,peaceful communities fall victim to bus loads of unvetted males arriving at night posing a real threat of violence. Many migrants have been trafficked here by the government under false pretences of a better life and displays of fake humanitarian concerns. They peddle in human misery for the globalist political objective of breaking down nation states by flooding historic nations with people from totally alien cultures. Minister O Gorman and the government are happy to inflict misery on migrants and fake refugees by inviting them here to achieve the destruction of this historic nation. There misery is of no concern to O Gorman or his departmental officials. Is this not a crime against humanity where accountability is needed to be apportioned. Ireland is already full,our borders need to be closed and real refugees from real war zones offered temporary refuge while all fake refugees and migrants deported.

23 May 2023



23 May 2023

The Sultan of illegal asylum application and welfare scamming??

The Sultan of illegal asylum application and welfare scamming??

23 May 2023