What are Stem Cells and How are They Used?

Stem cells: the superheroes of medicine, fighting diseases by regenerating tissue! But wait, they face their own challenges - ethical dilemmas and technical hurdles!

27 February 2024

The rise of vertical flight: A brief history of helicopters

From Da Vinci's sketches to today's skyward triumphs, explore the thrilling evolution of helicopters!

24 February 2024

From TOW to Patriot: Five U.S. Missiles that changed the game in Ukraine.

From budget-conscious solutions to strategic game-changers, these U.S. missiles can change the game on any conflict.

23 February 2024

Can organ cloning be used for transplants?

The medical community faces a significant challenge with the high demand for organ transplants, highlighted by over 107,000 people in the U.S. Can cloning organs be a viable solution? 

22 February 2024

World’s top stellarator: US coal plant to host fusion energy facility

Advanced stellarator reactors depend solely on external magnets for plasma confinement, offering precise adjustments for optimal performance.

22 February 2024

Google halts Gemini AI image generation over racial accuracy concerns

The AI tool has been creating historically inaccurate images for the last couple of days.

22 February 2024

First-ever space-made HIV drug crystals touch down Earth near Utah

California-based startup Varda Space Industries has made history by successfully returning samples of the drug made in space. 

22 February 2024

Doctors set to lead the way in knee joint repair with nasal cartilage therapy

The project, funded by EU, is called ENCANTO.

22 February 2024

Nanoscale device allows brain chemistry observation at smallest level

This innovative technology is capable of monitoring areas 1,000 times smaller than current technologies.

22 February 2024

Composite image from telescopes showcases 'stellar beads on a string'

Astronomers have captured a black hole blasting one of the most intense outbursts ever recorded. 

22 February 2024