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Tyson Foods Scales Up Investment In Insect Protein Maker For Global Food Chain

The "fact checkers" went nuts to shame people for jumping to conclusions about Tyson's partnership with Protix to get into the insect craze. Tyson will build plants here to produce insect food to feed genetically modified insects, which will be fed to animals. No mention of Protix's statement, "We believe that feeding the growing world population should go hand in hand with protecting our beautiful planet."

26 February 2024

The Insidious Cult Of World Order Is Clearly Seen

Technocrats have always been careful to disguise their spiritual inclinations, but that doesn't mean they are devoid of belief; indeed, they all are a part of the "cult of world order," seeking to transform the physical planet and the people who live there, Think "Great Reset" and "Forth Industrial Revolution" as representing Technocracy and Transhumanism. 

23 February 2024

Technocracy’s Coup d’Etat Is Fully Underway

In March 2020, at the very start of the "Great (Covid) Panic of 2020", I wrote that Technocracy's coup d'Etat was fully underway. I had anticipated it in my 2015 book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, on pages 206-207, so it was easy to see it playing out in real-time. Fours years later, it is killing us.

22 February 2024

Transhuman Scientists Grow Testicles In Laboratory

The seeds of life are sprouting outside of humanity, paving the way for test tube babies that will mature in incubators and be born without a mother. Fathers need not to apply. Fueled by Transhumanist philosophy, Technocrats scientists invent because they can, not because there is a demonstrable need to do so.

21 February 2024

Wave To The Satellite That Is Taking Your Picture From Space

Why would Bill Gates want to fund a company that builds a new class of satellites that can take high-resolution photos from space? Well, Technocrats of a feather, like birds, flock together. Their goal is to gain control over the environment, the physical world, and all of humanity. Albedo Space is cleared to use a 10-centimeter resolution, but they are looking for a higher resolution.

20 February 2024

The Full-Spectrum, Asymmetric War On Free Speech – Now You Know

This will be the most important interview to view in your lifetime, unless you don't understand Technocracy. I have talked about much of what Mike Benz reveals, except he does it with authority and end-to-end clarity. Now you know why I declared war on Technocracy in 2015. Please listen to the whole thing.

19 February 2024

Car Dealers Slash Prices Of EVs As Demand Craters

Dueling headlines in America this month: "Don’t believe what you’ve heard — electric vehicle sales in the U.S. are zooming" versus “As demand for EVs plummets, Biden’s green fantasy is pummeling U.S. auto dealers.” Increasingly, EV owners are waking up from the dream and realizing that their shiny new $60,000 car is nothing but an expensive golf cart.

16 February 2024

Guilt Trip: Have A Baby And Kill The Environment?

When Technocracy, aka Sustainable Development, says that it wants to manage all resources in balance with nature, that includes you, too. So, pressure is applied on young couples to NOT have children to serve the "greater good" by saving the planet. Your selfishness might be appeased by financial indulgences of "carbon offsets" for the rest of your life. And you can also chuck God's first command to man to "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth."

15 February 2024

Government Funds AI Tools For Whole-Of-Internet Surveillance And Censorship

When I gave my 2024 Forecast last month, I said that the enemies of Free Speech are going nuclear and intend to wipe it out by the end of the year. Most of my readers can't see the magnitude of what this means, much less the role AI is playing in the hands of evil people. We need to scream "tsunami" to warn people that there is a 200-foot tidal wave of censorship about to hit and that it will be fatal.

14 February 2024

Your Carbon Footprint Will Set Your Carbon Passport

Every conceivable detail of your life must be collected to determine your "carbon footprint," which will determine how many clicks populate your "carbon passport." Want to go to Paris? Well, if you drive an SUV, have too much grass in your yard, or eat too much beef - FORGET IT!

13 February 2024