James Roguski
James Roguski

Exposing MDM (Mis-Information, Dis-Information and Mal-Information)


Australia has NOT proposed amendments to the IHR. Like many nations, Australia is at risk of losing its sovereignty to the World Health Organization due to proposals submitted by many OTHER nations.

5 February 2023

Don't Fall For The Decoy

The World Health Organization's Intergovernmental Negotiating Body will be meeting from Monday, February 27 to Friday, March 3, 2023 to discuss the "Zero Draft" of the proposed WO CA+.

4 February 2023

Daily ZOOM Meetings

Everyone is invited to attend and participate in one or both of my daily ZOOM meetings to discuss the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and why they need to be stopped.

30 January 2023

Thanks Snopes...

I really appreciate the fact that Snopes is helping to shed light on the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. Welcome to the battle for transparency and truth. LOL.

26 January 2023

Conversations on Twitter Spaces

If anyone would like to hang out on Twitter Spaces and discuss the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, just let me know. @JamesRoguski or 310-619-3055

22 January 2023

Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Eswatini's delegation to the World Health Organization submitted proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations on behalf of the nations in the WHO's African region. What's wrong here?

16 January 2023

An Open Letter to the United States Congress

The details of the secret negotiations between the World Health Organization and the United States' delegates to the WHO must be investigated and made public IMMEDIATELY.

10 January 2023

Secret Meetings...

The International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) is meeting in secret all this week (January 9-13, 2023). YOU are NOT invited.

10 January 2023

Alternative Media

I AM ASKING FOR HELP: Please assist me in contacting the "alternative" media sources listed below in order to encourage them to report on the secret WHO negotiations.

7 January 2023

100 Reasons

THE TOP 100 REASONS TO #StopTheTreaty, #StopTheAmendments, and #ExitTheWHO. The World Health Organization's attempted POWER GRAB must be stopped. Please help spread the word.

5 January 2023