The latest news on nuclear, biological, and emerging technological threats from NTI.

New Report Spotlights Biosecurity and Biosafety Best Practices for Life Science Research

NTI | bio supported the development of a new report from Stanford University’s Bio Policy & Leadership in Society Initiative that highlights the importance of sharing biosecurity and biosafety best practices for life science research.

30 March 2023

NTI Resources on the War in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, destroying cities and causing the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe in a generation, NTI’s policy experts are fanning out across the news media to discuss the implications of Putin’s actions.

21 March 2023

Statement from Ernest J. Moniz on Russia’s Suspension of the New START Treaty and the One Year Anniversary of the War in Ukraine

NTI Co-Chair and CEO Ernest Moniz remarks on Russia’s suspension of the New START treaty and the one year anniversary of the war in Ukraine

14 March 2023

NTI Hosts Roll-Out of President Biden’s New Strategy for Countering WMD Terrorism

NTI hosted Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, White House Assistant to the President for Homeland Security, and four other government leaders for a public event about this critical step for strengthening global security.

13 March 2023

Hundreds of Incidents of Lost Nuclear and Radioactive Material Logged in Latest CNS Trafficking Database

The CNS Global Incidents and Trafficking Database found more than 350 incidents of nuclear and radioactive material outside of regulatory control in 2020 and 2021.

3 March 2023

NTI | bio Program Officer Chris Isaac Named to 2023 International Strategy Forum as a North America Fellow

NTI | bio Program Officer Chris Isaac has been named to the 2023 International Strategy Forum as a North America Fellow.

1 March 2023

NTI at the Munich Security Conference: Advancing Global Nuclear Fail-Safe and Addressing Catastrophic Biological Risks

At this year's Munich Security Conference, NTI is hosting two official side events: one about the importance of global nuclear “fail-safe” measures and one about preventing bioweapons and catastrophic accidents.

27 February 2023

Shirley Ann Jackson, a National Leader in Science and Technology, Joins NTI’s Board of Directors

Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., a renowned educator and national leader in scientific research and technology, is joining NTI’s Board of Directors, NTI Co-Chairs Ernest J. Moniz, Sam Nunn, and Ted Turner announced.

10 February 2023

NTI Makes Inaugural Grant from The Robert E. Berls, Jr. Next Generation Fund

NTI is pleased to announce that it has awarded the first Berls Fund grant of $25,000 to the Younger Generation Leaders Network on Euro-Atlantic Security (YGLN).

20 January 2023

NTI | bio Welcomes New Senior Director Nathan Paxton

NTI is pleased to announce the appointment of Nathan A. Paxton as a senior director on NTI’s Global Biological Policy and Programs team (NTI | bio).

12 January 2023