The latest news on nuclear, biological, and emerging technological threats from NTI.

Global Biosecurity Dialogue Convenes in Cape Town to Improve Biosecurity and Address Emerging Risks

NTI | bio convened experts from around the world from governments, industry, and civil society in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss emerging biological risks and offer actions to address them.

17 November 2022

NTI Resources on the War in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, destroying cities and causing the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe in a generation, NTIรขย€ย™s policy experts are fanning out across the news media to discuss the implications of Putinรขย€ย™s actions.

3 November 2022

New Video Breaks Down the Cyber-Nuclear Threat

A new video featuring national security expert Richard A. Clarke explains the cyber-nuclear threat and why we should all be worried about hackers gaining access to our nuclear weapon systems.

1 November 2022

NTI Statement on the Passing of Fujia Yang

NTI is saddened to learn of the death of Fujia Yang, a emeritus member of the NTI Board of Directors and an internationally renowned nuclear physicist and educator dedicated to improving relations between China and the United States.

31 October 2022

NTI Expert Angela Kane Discusses Global Biosecurity Gaps at SOAS Directorโ€™s Lecture

NTI Senior Advisor Angela Kane joined a prestigious lecture series to discuss steps we can take to prepare for the next biological event on the scale of COVID-19.

27 October 2022

NTI Statement on New White House National Biodefense Strategy

If the U.S. government can achieve the goals it has set for itself, it will be a big win for reducing biological risks domestically and around the world. If not, the risk of repeating the devastating failures of the COVID-19 response will grow, with even higher stakes as biological threats increase over time.

18 October 2022

NTI | bio experts address G7 Global Partnership Working Group in Berlin

NTI experts briefed government representatives at a G7 working group meeting in Berlin.

15 October 2022

NTI Statement on the Passing of Charles A. Bowsher

Chuck Bowsher played an invaluable role at NTI on fiscal matters and was deeply dedicated to our mission.ร‚ย  We benefited greatly from his wisdom, his integrity, his expertise, and his friendship.

11 October 2022

NTI experts discuss catastrophic risks imperiling humanity at Effective Altruism Global Conference

NTI's Joan Rohlfing and Jaime Yassif discussed how we can address catastrophic nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity.

6 October 2022

NTI Announces Dr. Piers Millett as Inaugural Executive Director of New International Biosecurity Organization, IBBIS

NTI announces Dr. Piers Millett as the founding executive director of IBBIS, a new global biosecurity organization.

5 October 2022