There’s a lot about Kier Starmer that the general public doesn’t know

No UK prime minister has ever come to power with less popular enthusiasm than Keir Starmer.  Perhaps it is because he has declared himself a socialist.  Perhaps it is because of his […]

21 July 2024

A new worldwide study finds there were no excess deaths due to covid and there were 16.9 million vaccine-associated deaths up to the end of 2022

A new study published on Friday found that the excess all-cause mortality for the years 2020 to 2023 in 125 countries is incompatible with a pandemic viral respiratory disease.  The authors argue […]

21 July 2024

The climate change agenda and Rockefellers’ frontmen

Every time you hear a “climate change” scare story, that person is PAID. He is a Rockefeller stooge. He may not know it, but his profession has been entirely corrupted. The Rockefellers […]

21 July 2024

Evidence is surfacing that Trump and the crowd were shot at by multiple shooters

According to Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson, the narrative of Thomas Crooks being a “lone gunman” is 100% provably false.  This means any deflection to investigating “security lapses” is evidence of a cover-up. […]

21 July 2024

UK government proposes legislation to further commercialise our personal data and widen the use of digital ID verification

Sir Keir Starmer’s first King’s Speech as Prime Minister outlined Labour’s legislative agenda for the new Parliament. He signalled the return of big government, with sweeping promises to nationalise the railways, energy […]

20 July 2024

Animals have better survival instincts than humans

There are numerous reports of animals exhibiting unusual behaviour before disasters strike suggesting that animals may be able to predict natural disasters. There have been reports of restless birds before a volcanic […]

20 July 2024

Dutch researchers are hounded for suggesting covid injections contributed to excess deaths

A recent paper by Dutch researchers reviewed the excess mortality in the Western World for the years 2020 to 2022.  The paper had been submitted a year ago but was only published […]

20 July 2024

Richard D. Hall is on trial next week for having the audacity to challenge the state about the “Manchester Arena bombing hoax”

Richard D. Hall is a British journalist and broadcaster who presented an independent forensic investigation into the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing. He claimed that the incident was a staged event, involving a […]

20 July 2024

UK Covid Inquiry misses the point

On Thursday, the UK Covid Inquiry published its first report and recommendations following its investigation into the UK’s resilience and preparedness, which was Module 1 of the Inquiry. Corporate media has highlighted […]

20 July 2024

Putin wants widespread use of CBDCs, there is no doubt that Russia is following the UN’s global plan

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the “efficiency and functionality” of the Bank of Russia’s central bank digital currency (“CBDC”) and instructed his government to prepare for the widespread introduction of […]

19 July 2024