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There has been a global coup (Part Two)

In March 2020, a group of scientists appointed to advise the British Government looked carefully at this new threat and decided that it was no more dangerous than the annual flu. So they officially downgraded it! The proof is on my websites. (They were right, too. The UK Government’s own figures prove that the flu for 2018 and 2019 was three times as lethal as covid-19.

If the evil ones hadn’t had the foresight to buy the world’s mainstream media this would have been disastrous. The pandemic would have ended overnight.

But the TV stations and the newspapers ignored the…

31 March 2023

Passing Observations 153

  1. The United Nations is planning to control all the water on the planet and to control how much you can use.
  2. In my book Living in a Fascist Country, published in 2006, I pointed out that the new ID cards which Tony Bliar’s government was promoting would contain a chip which would tell them where you were every minute of every day of your life. I wrote: ‘Since it will be…

31 March 2023

There has been a Global Coup (Part One)

There has been a global coup.

The covid-19 fraud was devised with a purpose; it was part of a plan which started in earnest back in the 1960s when a group of people met and agreed that the world was overcrowded. They decided to cut the size of the population down to a level last seen in the middle of the 17th century.

Some of the people who decided this were very rich. A Mr Rothschild, a Mr Rockefeller and some other bankers. And some of the plotters worked for a big, international, left wing organisation called the United Nations.

It seems a strange mixture of…

30 March 2023

What could possibly go wrong?

The world’s banks are teetering on the edge – with one foot dangling over a 500 foot drop. Here’s the latest news about financial affairs. I doubt if you will read any of this in the mainstream media.

  1. The unrealised losses on securities held by the FDIC in the United States is now over $620 billion and rising. American banks are sitting on unrealised losses of $1.7 trillion. If all depositors go and ask for their money back the majority of banks will go bust in an hour. The bank crash hasn’t even started yet. And shares and other investments are due for a gloomy decade or two…

30 March 2023

Now They’re Taking the Piss

  1. They claim that falling life expectancy is a result of the covid pandemic. That is a barefaced lie. Official evidence proves without doubt that covid-19 killed no more people than the ordinary annual flu. The excess deaths were produced by fiddling the figures – and listing deaths from cancer, heart disease and being run over by a bus as covid-19 deaths. I am not kidding. That is exactly what they did. They simply said that anyone who tested positive with the entirely discredited PCR test was a covid patient and therefore whatever was wrong with them they died from covid. So, anyone…

29 March 2023

How to Conquer Backache

I’ve just republished my book How to Conquer Backache which was first published exactly 30 years ago and has been out of print for several years. It contains absolutely nothing about covid, fake pandemics, depleted uranium or lockdowns. But it is well illustrated and packed with vital information about the causes of backache – and the remedies.

How to Conquer Backache includes…

29 March 2023

Passing Observations 152

  1. Anyone working in any branch of health care who doesn’t end the day feeling emotionally drained should be working in a car factory.
  2. By giving yet more free money to parents of small children, Britain’s communist government has nationalised parenthood. Statism is on a roll at the expense of freedom.
  3. Zelensky of Ukraine always gets what he wants because he is told what to ask for.
  4. There are financial commentators in national publications and online who have been qualified as journalists for months rather than years but who, nevertheless, feel able to offer…

28 March 2023

Chips under Your Skin

The conspirators and globalists have been planning their attack on our freedom and humanity for a long time. Please read the following paragraphs. They are taken from my book Living in a Fascist Country which was published in 2006. These paragraphs refer to the proposed introduction of ID cards – proposed, of course, by Tony Bliar’s Government.

‘And here's another thought that…

28 March 2023

Is the General Medical Council just an Enforcer for the Drug Industry?

Throughout the fake pandemic the General Medical Council (a charity which is responsible for regulating doctors in the UK) has disciplined doctors who have disagreed with the lies told by the Government and the medical establishment.

Doctors who have spoken out in public and who have criticised the covid-19 jabs or who questioned the absurd and now proven to be inaccurate claim that covid-19 was the cause of a serious pandemic, have had their licences removed as a punishment and as a deterrent to others who might dare speak out.

Now, however, it seems to me that the General…

26 March 2023