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Passing Observations 209

  1. Interesting to see that the New York Post (and other media organisations) have questioned the way that Russell Brand has been attacked in the media and the fact that he has had his YouTube channel demonetised after he had been accused of sexual offences including rape. ‘Are accusations enough to destroy someone’s life and remove his ability to make money?’ asks the Post. The argument, with which I agree, is that a man or woman should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. But, try this for size. I haven’t been accused of anything. But for the crime of telling the truth about…

26 September 2023

Surgery: What Patients Must Know

It is generally accepted that at least a quarter of all surgical operations performed are unnecessary. The real figure is much higher – probably half.

For some types of surgery for example: heart surgery, tonsillectomies, circumcisions, caesarian sections for pregnant women and hysterectomies – the percentage of unnecessary operations is almost certainly much, much higher than that.

At least 90% of all heart surgery is unnecessary.

With many operations (such as hernia repair) the downside is often considerably greater than the upside.

Operations are done…

22 September 2023

Their Terrifying Plan

Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest book Their Terrifying Plan explains how insane, billionaire globalists are plotting to take over the world and details precisely how they have created a terrifying future designed to change life for everyone alive and for every generation to come. In the first part of the book he discusses the way things are changing. And he then provides a detailed account of the way…

21 September 2023

How Drug Companies Cheat, Lie and Deceive

Some critics assume that drug companies suddenly became ‘crooked’ and ‘dishonest’ with the production of the covid 19 ‘vaccines’. But that’s not true. I first exposed the drug companies in my book The Medicine Men which was published nearly half a century ago - in 1975. Drug company staff have been deceitful, misleading and dangerous for decades. Drug industry staffers haven’t just got bad. The industry has…

20 September 2023

‘A Needle for A Needle: A Mother’s Covid Revenge’

I’ve just written and published a very (very) black comedy about a woman who murders the doctor who killed her son with the covid vaccine. And that’s just the start of her plans in this shocking novella. A Needle for A Needle: A Mother’s Covid Revenge explains in precise detail how and why a lovely, middle aged mum and her lovely husband set out to deal…

20 September 2023

Coleman’s 2nd Law of Medicine: Tests are useless unless the Results will affect your Treatment

A few years ago I created 12 laws of medicine designed to help patients get the best out of doctors and hospitals.

Coleman’s Second Law of Medicine states that there is no point in having tests done unless the results will affect your treatment.

Now tests are, of course, often vital – essential to the making of an accurate diagnosis. But there are often risks attached when tests are done, and if tests are done which have no real value then there can be no upside – just the downside.

If your doctor wants you to have tests done ask him how the results will affect your…

19 September 2023

How to Survive the Future

Whatever happens, the future is going to be very different. It has been clear for some time that the world is running out of oil and, as a result, our lives are going to change. Here are my notes (first published in 2007) describing how we can best deal with a different world. I was not writing then about the Great Reset – but about the problems we will face as the oil supply diminishes over coming decades. The climate change fraud (and the associated 15 minute cities and clampdown on travel) was created to force us to stop using oil. It is the coming shortage of oil supplies, not climate…

15 September 2023

How IBS Can Affect Your Heart

At six o’clock one evening a few years ago, I really thought my time was up.

I had spent a couple of hours working in the garden, I’d bathed, eaten and was slumped down in an easy chair with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Suddenly, I felt strange. I checked my pulse. My heart was going so fast I couldn’t begin to count it. I checked my blood pressure and pulse with a machine we have. My pulse was well over 150 and my blood pressure alternated between the absurdly high and the absurdly low. The machine lit up with all the little warning lights with which it is fitted. I…

14 September 2023

How to Save the NHS

Around the world, the number of adults in bad health has fallen from 10.4% to 8.6% as health care steadily improved. But in the UK, the number in bad health increased from 5.8% to 7.4%.

Moreover, recent evidence shows that life expectancy in the UK is falling fast – it is, indeed, falling faster than anywhere else in the world. And it will continue to fall.

How much more evidence is needed to prove that the NHS has failed miserably, is continuing to fail miserably and will continue to fail miserably?

But there is a viable and valid alternative: a health care system…

13 September 2023

Dieting Myths

When I was a GP I found that a good many of my patients wanted (and needed) to lose weight. I developed a dieting programme which worked well. My book Meat Causes Cancer – and other Food for Thought contains basic information about food and nutrients but also includes everything I learned about slimming. (I was medical editor of Slimmer magazine for…

12 September 2023