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Vernon Coleman: What the papers said (before March 2020)

Since the beginning of 2020, when he first exposed the ‘coronavirus hoax’ in a banned video (now available again on this website) Dr Vernon Coleman has been attacked, demonised, monstered and lied about on the mainstream media and the internet. Below you will find what the papers said about him BEFORE March 2020 - when he first explained how he knew that the alleged pandemic was a…

23 November 2022

Chemotherapy: The scary, staggering truth about the fraud

Over the years I have repeatedly found that all medical recommendations are best treated with a large dose of scepticism.

Nowhere is this more true than in the treatment of cancer.

Patients who are diagnosed with cancer find themselves in a state of shock. And yet, while in a state of shock, they find themselves needing to make a number of vital decisions very quickly.

One of the big questions is often this one: ‘Should I have chemotherapy?’

Chemotherapy might improve a patient’s chances of survival by three to five per cent though that modest figure is…

16 November 2022

Struggling to Survive in a World of Unceasing Madness

Before he was demonised for telling the truth about covid-19, Vernon Coleman was described by ‘Nursing Standard’ as: ‘A persuasive writer whose arguments, based on research and experience are sound.’ Meanwhile, in a world in which all sentient souls can be justified in feeling a tad below fine and dandy things are getting worse by the day.

  1. If a baby is born with brain damage resulting from a medical error or accident or some kind then the resultant damages are likely to be north of £30 million. Not long ago a child who had ADHD which was made worse by a brain injury…

15 November 2022

Did you vote for totalitarianism?

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19 ‘The Therapist’ described Vernon Coleman as ‘Perhaps the best known health writer for the general public in the world today’.

  1. ‘If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.’ – John Stuart Mill in ‘On Liberty’ (1859)
  2. Someone we know of is 92. She fell. She had to wait eight hours for an ambulance to…

12 November 2022

Germany, Konrad Adenauer, the EU and the Nazis

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Independent newspaper described Vernon Coleman as: ‘King of the Media Docs’.

The German people voted Konrad Adenauer the greatest German of all time. You may think that strange when you read the following extract from my book The Shocking History of the EU.

Konrad Adenauer (…

11 November 2022

Universal Darkness is Coming Our Way - Fast

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, the Sunday Express described Vernon Coleman as: ‘Outspoken and alert’.

  1. Google is the new winner of the Hypocrisy Gold Medal for 2022 – overtaking Bono, His Royal Hypocrite, and the Duke and Duchess of California. Google (proud owner of YouTube) is running huge ads announcing ‘Digital attacks are being used to censor critical information online.’ The sly hypocrites have created something called ‘Project Shield’ which they claim is to ‘defend journalists and organisations and more from these…

10 November 2022

Covid-19 Jabs: Never before have we been in so much danger

It’s November 2022 and this is video number 317.

So, they’re now going to give the useless and toxic covid-19 jab to infants. They’re going to add a jab that doesn’t work and isn’t safe to an aggressive, untested, officially promoted programme of mass medication; the most alarming, experimental and grandiose example of centrally approved child abuse in human history; a programme that I believe has done infinitely more harm than good; a drug administration mania that should have been halted decades ago by the medical profession, and would have been if the medical profession hadn’t…

9 November 2022

Vernon Coleman’s New Video

Vernon Coleman's new video will be launched on this website on Wednesday 9th November.

The title of the video is ‘Covid-19 jabs – never before have we been in so much danger’.

Please watch and please share with friends and enemies. Also please put copies on other platforms.

8 November 2022

Climate Change is a Malicious, Dangerous Myth

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, the Birmingham Post described Vernon Coleman as ‘The patient’s champion.’

The Chief Climate Loonies (all 20,000 of them if COP26 is anything to go by) are meeting in a lovely holiday resort town in Egypt for COP27. My guess is that around 19,900 of them will have got there by aeroplane. I wonder how much electricity they will use for their laptops, iPads and magic telephones. (They never meet in Wolverhampton or Milton Keynes, do they? Maybe next time.)

It is the global warming hoax which…

8 November 2022

Why I think the Spectator magazine should be ashamed

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, The Irish Times described Vernon Coleman as: ‘Probably one of the most brilliant men alive today’.

The Spectator magazine is running what it calls ‘a Health Summit to examine the priorities of the NHS’. The small print tells potential attendees that: ‘The event is in association with AbbVie and Eli Lilly and Company and is funded by both organisations.’ That seems to me to be like hiring the Yorkshire Ripper to help fund a symposium on safety for prostitutes or organising a symposium on the…

8 November 2022