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GPs Kill Retail but Hospitals Kill Wholesale

Hospitals are terrible places. People die in them. You should go into hospital only as a last resort. And you should escape the minute you can. As a doctor I am ashamed, saddened and embarrassed to have to tell you this but hospital patients are routinely neglected, humiliated and left in pain. Thousands of patients have died as a result of poor treatment. One independent enquiry documented cases where patients had been left unwashed for up to a month and left without food, drink and medical treatment. The conclusion was that managers had been ‘preoccupied with cost-cutting, targets and…

1 October 2022

Passing Observations 130

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

  1. ‘One day you too will, perchance, be old,’ said an old man in hospital, ‘and I am, I feel, magnanimous in hoping that those looking after you do so with greater care, greater respect, more dignity and more compassion than you have offered in your dealings with me.’ He then paused. ‘But, sadly, I doubt it,’ he added. ‘And a part of me of which I am…

1 October 2022

How Much Do You Know About Vaccination?

You can find the answers to this simple quiz at the bottom of the page.

  1. When the first practical polio vaccine was made in the 1950s, monkey kidney tissue was used. It was not realised that one of the viruses commonly found in monkey kidney cells can cause cancer in humans. The American government was warned of this but the doctor who gave the warning was ignored and her laboratory was closed down. How many people, who were vaccinated in the 1950s and 1960s, are now at risk at developing cancer because of that vaccine?
  2. Between 1960 and 1981, nine reports were…

30 September 2022

Care Home and Hospital Patients Are Routinely drugged without their Knowledge – and it’s perfectly Legal!

It is now common practice in care homes, nursing homes and hospitals for staff to use nasty little tricks in order to persuade their patients to take tranquillisers and sedatives. This is, of course, not done for the sake of the patients but for the sake of the staff. Patients who lie in bed all day, doing nothing, saying nothing and asking for nothing are much easier to look after than patients who are alert and alive to the fact that they are treated by a bunch of psychopaths masquerading as nursing staff.

Medicines are routinely hidden in food or drink so that residents do not…

30 September 2022

Britain is now officially a Third World Country

The International Monetary Fund often tells small, Third World countries what to do. They like to take control and issue instructions to small governments in countries many people couldn’t find on an atlas.

But the IMF never tells big G7 countries what to do.

They just don’t interfere with developed countries…

Except yesterday they did.

The IMF told Truss and Kwarteng that they have to reverse the tax cuts which were announced last Friday and which have resulted in a massive fall in the value of the pound – a fall that isn’t going to be reversed and which is…

29 September 2022

Energy Hypocrisy and Stupidity

The EU has reclassified natural gas and nuclear power as forms of renewable energy in order to make political promises of ‘net zero’ easier to meet. (Someone probably realised that wind and sunshine provide very little of our energy – despite all the misleading publicity they are given. In the UK solar and wind power provide less than 5% of our energy – and both require a good deal of energy to build and maintain – and if you fancy surviving in the UK on 5% of our national energy supply then you’re probably dead or living abroad).

How long will it be before oil is also re-…

29 September 2022

Covid–19: The Greatest Hoax in History

I tried to publish my book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History four times and four times it was quickly banned because the information it contained was considered too dangerous. (Ironically, those responsible for the ban didn’t notice when the entire book was stolen and published under someone else’s name!)

This book contains the scripts of videos which…

28 September 2022

High Blood Pressure CAN be reduced without Drugs

In order to survive and to thrive, the tissues and organs of the human body need regular supplies of fresh blood. It is blood that brings the oxygen and other essential foodstuffs without which the tissues would die, and it is blood that carries the many waste products that are made. To travel around the body, through a complicated network of arteries, veins and capillaries, blood has to be kept under pressure. It is, of course, the heart which maintains that pressure, and it does this by regular, rhythmic pumping.

Under normal circumstances several factors affect the pressure at…

28 September 2022

Passing Observations 129

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

  1. Why are former political leaders and politicians around the world paid such enormous fees for books and lectures? Those huge advances can’t possibly be paid back. And how many retired politicians are worth £100,000 for a speech? They couldn’t possibly be being paid for services rendered, could they?
  2. ‘Strange times are these in which … young are…

28 September 2022

If You Are Over 50 Your Government Wants You Dead

In Britain, it is now official Government policy to ignore the needs of the elderly. Doctors and nurses are told to let old people die – and to withhold treatment which might save their lives. Hospital staff are told to deprive the elderly of food and water so that they die rather than take up hospital beds. Nursing home staff have even been given the right to sedate elderly patients without their knowledge. The only -ism that no one cares about is ageism.

But at what age are patients simply allowed to die? And how old is too old for patients to be resuscitated? At what point does…

27 September 2022