Moving from Darkness to Light  on Odysee
Moving from Darkness to Light on Odysee

Let me say at the outset that the inclusion of videos on this channel does not means that I automatically agree with some or all the of the content. I may or may not. <br><br>As a Christian I believe wholeheartedly in the Bible and in the truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ. I believe that there will come a time when we will stand face to face with the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and give an account for every word and action and that He alone will be the final judge over my life on this earth. That will either take place when he comes a second time or if I die and go to meet him at any moment. <br><br>In the meantime, there are many people who have not yet come to this conclusion. It took me until the age of 40 to do so through much soul searching. <br><br>The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many things in the world previously taken for granted and set us on a course towards a future that seems very precarious. I wanted to create a space where people wrestling with the many issues can be heard. To enable people to consider opinion that cannot be found in the main stream media any longer due to unprecedented levels of censorship, never before known in the free world. <br><br>Sometimes videos touch on truths that the Bible holds whilst others may be introducing ideas that seem strange. But God can speak through anyone, anytime, and we need ears to hear and eyes to see. However, I invite people to hold what is said to be truth alongside the scriptures to determine absolute truth.<br><br>At the moment, deception and confusion across the world has reached levels never before known. The political actions being taken by governments in unison all appear to be following the same narratives that threaten our very freedom. We are fast being taken into an authoritarian world view and we are facing a crisis of proportions never know before.<br><br>In the Bible, in the book of Matthew 24 we read that a time will come where, "if it were possible, even the elect (the people of God *) will be deceived", such will be the level of deception and propaganda. ( *emphasis mine)<br><br>In the book of 2Thessalonians chapter 2, the apostle Paul wrote that God said a time will come when He would send a powerful delusion to prevent people from coming to know the truth. Why should He do that? The answer is in the same chapter - because many people simply do not want to receive the love of the truth. I am aware that sin (rebellion against God) as described by God in the Bible is a terrible thing, but equally aware that most do not perceive it as such. Instead, we are persuaded to lead our lives the way we think fit and that we do not need a God to tell what is right or wrong. We can be easily be persuaded and think that we really do want to know truth - just not the truth found in the Christ of the Bible.<br><br>The world is fast sinking into darkness, illusions and lies. <br><br>In the Bible, the Roman leader Pontius Pilate asked Jesus "What is Truth" before he had him crucified. The answer is not at first easy to understand because it is found in a person not a thing or an idea or anything else. It is found in a person and there is only one person in the world who said that THEY were the TRUTH and that was Jesus. <br><br>**In my book - 'Converging Signs and Rejection of Truth - Are we Ready for the Return of Jesus Christ'** - I write about worldly signs that are converging in accordance with the Biblical prophetic scriptures and about the amazing dream that God gave my wife about the Second Coming of Christ when we first became Christians on the same day over 33 years ago. <br><br>I believe that we are now in the last days before He comes and witnessing the great delusion coming over the whole world as we watch elitists and giant mega-corporations working with the World Economic Forum towards the implementation of a One-World Governmental system that will foreshadow the return of Jesus.<br><br>In the meantime, until He comes, God is calling his children to PREPARE themselves for the persecution that is coming over the world in the lead up to the revealing of the man of wickedness (The Antichrist) and to use the gifts He has given to each one of us to reach out to those He is yet to bring into His kingdom in the last days. In 2 Peter God says that He will not wrap history until the last person who is destined for His kingdom comes in<br><br>I can testify to knowing the truth and I invite you to do the same.<br><br>;keywords=graham+bridger&amp;qid=1603698708&amp;sr=8-1<br><br>May God bless all of you who want to know truth. <br><br>Visit<br><br><br><br>