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The Voice of Liberty from Portlaoise

A small group of us formed back in April. Inspired by the Monday Marchers, which started in Cork and spread to different towns, we painted up signs and placards and four of us began to stand on the street in our local town of Rathdowney, Co. Laois every Friday for two hours. We continue to do this still.
Then we decided to bring more people together and make a bigger impact by calling for a demonstration in Portlaoise, the county’s main town where there was more passing traffic and more people.
There must have been a hunger for action as that first Saturday brought close to 60 people to come and stand on the street and we have continued to stand every Saturday with our signs and placards since. Last Saturday was our eighth consecutive week to demonstrate there with varying numbers each week since then.
Our aim was to bring people together locally who feel the same way we do and show a presence to those passing by that we do not agree with the agenda of this government, we want freedom of choice whether to take this „vaccine” or not for either our children or ourselves and we don’t want to be discriminated or segregated because of those choices.
October 22nd is fast approaching and the promised lifting of all restrictions does not look likely. We do not want to live in a society where you need a vaccine passport/digital green certificate to gain entry into public spaces. We believe in freedom, truth and the right to choose.

Text and photos sent by Ewelina