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Summary of events in the last week of 2021 in Ireland.

Summary of events in the last week of 2021 in Ireland

On Friday, December 31st, “Hold the Line” took place in Swords from 2-4pm. Demonstrators stood along the street in Airside and held placards with messages questing the COVID narrative so that passing drivers could easily see them. The placards asked if the media are going us the full story or just pushing their own agenda & highlighted the risks of the COVID jabs & issues around kids being masked & jabbed.

Everything was perfectly organized. The gardai were on the scene when we arrived & patrolled around in 2 squad cars but there no interactions with them or any incidents. The gardai are clearly keeping an eye on this, as each time there are more and more people willing to take part in this action, which is organised regularly.

On the same day on New Years Eve at 17.30 there was an great music band played a Jam For Freedom concert at Grafton St in Dublin.

The great band played songs with reworked lyrics in which the main message was the truth about the pandemic that the mainstream media distorted or concealed until 8pm when the gardai ordered that the performance was stopped. 2 vans & guys in padded jackets arrived on scene from the public order Gardaí unit.

The crowd was disappointed that the band had to stop, booed the Gardaí & cheered the band for taking a stand. The band finished the set & avoided arrests!

All the people had a great time on New Year's Eve at Grafton St in Dublin - but the police intervention left a certain distaste in people's mouths.

Soon there will be new events in Ireland that are worth joining. We present the calendar of events that will take place in January:

  • 8 January @ 2pm North West Rising - Letterkenny, Market Sq, (Rise Up Éireann)
  • 9 January @ 2pm Hold the Line - Limerick, Cresent Shopping Center (Rise Up Éireann)
  • 15 January @ 2pm North West Rising - Sligo, Town Hall, (Rise Up Éireann)
  • 21 January @ 12pm, Independence March Day, Dublin, Mansion House (Rise Up Éireann)
  • 22 January @ 2pm, March & Rally Democracy, Dublin, Garden of Remembrance (Truth & Civil Rights)
  • 22 January @ 2pm North West Rising - Donegal Town, Diamond, (Rise Up Éireann)
  • 29 January @ 2pm North West Rising - Derry, TBC, (Rise Up Éireann)

We invite you to follow our fan page because in the event of any changes, we will notify you about it.

More and more people are opening their eyes every day. We invite you to take part in the protests to show your objection. The organisers invite you to actively participate in any of the group's activities. If you are willing to organize events in your local environment, we will also be happy to help you get set up & give advice!