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Silent Contemplation in Phoenix Park, Dublin

Silent contemplation in Phoenix Park, Dublin 04 December 2021On Saturday, December 4, an event was held in Phoenix Park to commemorate people who died in the last 20 months - during the so-called  pandemic.  It was an intimate meeting.  A silent march began from the cross next to the American Embassy.  Carrying the Mother of God and the coffin, people silently went to a specially set up tent where, by candlelight during prayer and music, people who had died during the ongoing plandemic ceremony were commemorated.  Many of these people did not have to die because in recent months, restrictions related to the emergence of the Covid-19 virus prevented people in need from receiving specialist medical care.  After so-called Covid-19 vaccines were approved for legal use. Many people who got vaccinated had adverse vaccine effects.  Although politicians and many doctors argued about 100% safety, people who actively played sports, were healthy and at a young age, died after the vaccination.  Great pressure and intrusive media advertisements meant that many people were vaccinated for "peace of mind".  The possibility of going on vacation or going to a restaurant, pub or cinema, as well as cash prizes or, for example, a visit to a brothel in Austria made people willing to vaccinate (cultural events and spending time in pubs are no longer available to unvaccinated people).
It should be noted that before receiving the vaccine, the person voluntarily agrees to participate in the medical experiment, however, already from the next year in European countries, compulsory vaccinations are planned under penalty of a fine or imprisonment.
At the moment, politicians are openly saying that vaccination does not have much to do with human health.  By depriving people of human rights and breaking the Constitution, it intends to introduce mandatory - cyclical vaccinations thanks to which it is possible to control the population of people - as Bill Gates admitted a few years ago.
Wearing masks and compulsory vaccinations even for the most believers of the pandemic gives much food for thought, but they do not talk about it openly and do not protest.  Who gave the right to policymakers to legally kill us according to the sense of humor pulling the strings?  You can already hear the slogans that human rights only for the vaccinated.  Unfortunately, while enjoying masked safety and poor quality vaccines in the testing phase, people do not notice in this madness the danger of giving their health and life to people who consider themselves better.
History likes to repeat itself, and after all, 80 years ago, during the Second World War, people were massacred in concentration camps, previously undergoing medical experiments on them.