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Politicians at the head of the protest in Dublin!

Hold The Line Leincester House Dublin Ireland

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, another demonstration of the "Hold the Line" type took place, this time next to Leinster House in Dublin. Participants manifested their slogans in front of the back entrance to the Parliament and made marches around the building. After the last such march at the back entrance, they encountered politicians during an interview. So they stood back with banners in such a way that many observers of this online protest had the impression that politicians were taking part in the protest. In the background there were signs "SAY NO TO W.H.O", "STOP WHO PANDEMIC PARTY" and "SAY NO DIGITAL ID SYSTEM". Interestingly, the politicians did not quickly walk away from the protesting people, they stood there for a long time and walked away after they lost interest in the protesters. Then I remembered a movie in which a madman goes out on the street and screams: "People, help me because I will do it !!!" The governments of countries that have been supported by the World Bank in a pandemic can no longer simply pull back from globalist projects. In Africa, for example, in countries where the World Bank has given support and the presidents have not agreed to enforce the imposed rules, they have simply been killed. The guilty parties of these crimes have not been found. Only ordinary people can oppose now, refusing to lose their country's sovereignty, but the globalists do not wait. The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing a new anti-pandemic treaty, which is now called a pandemic agreement, to take power over countries around the world. The WHO project - a private organization that includes 194 countries and whose biggest sponsors are Germany, the Bill & Melinda Gates Organization, USA, GAVI (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are the main donors) (and others) assumes that by the end of 2023 all countries will sign a pandemic agreement. The signing of this agreement will mean that all decisions of the WHO on health will have to be strictly respected. The main sponsors of this organization are pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines and countries in which during the last pandemic there were the greatest restrictions. The Organization is headed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who led to the deaths of thousands of people during the cholera epidemic in Ethiopia. This man is affiliated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and obeys their instructions. He also has other no less shocking activities on his conscience that you will not find on Wikipedia. You have to look for alternative sources. He is a man who was born in Africa, in a country where he did not learn to respect other people. According to official WHO vaccination data, the percentage of vaccination of people in Africa is very small and it is worth asking yourself why ... what awaits us now? Well, the next Monkey Pox pandemic is approaching now, the road map of which has already been officially made available on the WHO website. Bill Gates already last fall that smallpox could be used as a biological weapon, and in February he left an exercise where the topic was Monkey Smallpox. The mainstream media inform people about the disease in a similar way as it was done at the beginning of the previous pandemic, so I have no doubt that it will happen. Many people are vaccinated with a medical preparation against COVID-19, which has lowered their immune systems and independent specialists are sounding the alarm. The ready-made smallpox vaccine that is now available could be devastating. If this agreement is signed with WHO, compulsory vaccination will become a reality. The vaccine passport will soon become a document that will be more important than our current passports or ID cards. After signing this agreement, the governments of countries will in practice have a local function, just like voivodships at present. Many people are already aware of the threat and are starting to openly oppose the globalist agenda. New Hold the Line groups are rapidly emerging in Ireland to inform the unconscious during the Manifestation and through leaflets. Cyclical protests every Saturday or Sunday are currently organized in a dozen or so places and information about them can be easily found on the Internet, despite blockades on popular social networks. If there are enough of us, politicians will also start to break out, as is the case in several European countries where there is an opposition that has entered the Seym and openly opposes these crazy ideas of a few haunted people.