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Events Stand Up on Saturday 11 December 2021

Eamon from Swords

On Saturday, 12/11/2021, at least two events against compulsory vaccination took place in Ireland.  They took place in Sligo and in Swords.  During the incident in Sligo, an incident happened because the Garda arrested a woman holding a sign.  However, the crowd turned to defend the woman so they left shortly after.  In Swords, on a busy street near Ryanair's headquarters, there was a Stand Up event, about 30 people with clearly visible slogans on the plates lined the road.  People in cars honked and waved their hands in support.  Several cars stopped because they didn't understand why people were protesting.  That's how it is, people often lead a work / home life, so they don't know what important things are happening around them because the mainstream media does not show the truth.