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Anti Establishment Demonstration - Dublin

Anti Establishment Demonstration 13/11/2021 12pm

RiseUp RiseUp!!

End this madness now!

Have you had enough of the Covid lies?

Are you prepared to fight for the children’s future, & freedom?

We are Sovereign.

We do NOT comply!

Anti corruption! Pro Solutions!

Gather @ Stephens Green, Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland

November 13, 2021 at 12:00 & claim what is ours!

End Tyranny!

  • No Fuel Hikes!
  • No more Lockdowns!
  • No Covid Pass!
  • No power shortages!
  • Save Small businesses!
  • Stop inflation!
  • No child jabs!
  • Stop Garda Overreach!
  • End Corruption!