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A dramatic appeal from Austria!

Vienna calling! on 04.12.2021 united we stand Forced vaccination, jab for kids 5-12, lockdown for unvaxxed

? 20.11.2021 march of the 100.000 in Vienna
? 27.11.2021 10,7% of population on the streets in Graz
? 01.12.2021 ❌ nation wide warning strike
? 80% of population on our side
? peaceful and fair police
? weakest government
? strongest resistance Here, we can win! Here, we will win! Like in 1529, 1683 and 1809, also in 2021 freedom of Europe will be defended at the gates of Vienna!
‼️? December 4th 2021, Vienna Join us for the final fight: it's all or nothing. If we can stop it here, we can stop it everywhere! ?? Red-white-red is the new flag of freedom! We need you all: divided we fall, united we stand!

Alexander Erlich